Monday, April 23, 2012

California... No doubt about it.

We currently live in a pretty darn awesome place. Here's our on-going bucket list of things we want to do in California before we jet off.

Things we've done but want to do again
x movie screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
x more tacos (trucks, carts, fancy ones, not so fancy.. just not taco bell)
x bike runs around LA
x camping (Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Malibu, our backyard)
golden house in Joshua Tree
the parker palm springs
x Dodger game 
x outdoorsy stuff to enjoy the perfect non-sticky weather
x local concerts (Hollywood bowl, Wiltern, El Rey... too many venues to list!)
• halloween/4th of july/xmas/thanksgiving/ new year's eve party (all holidays smashed into one party)
• bbq / deep fry party

Things that we always wanted to do
x Korean 24hr spa
x Christian Marclay's The Clock: 24-Hour Screening at LACMA
tiki-ti bar
x venice canals
x go to a live taping of the Conan (update: we got tickets and went to the taping with Mila Kunis, Joe Stein, and a really funny comedian... there was also WWF, World Wildlife Fund Contest... ANIMAL WRESTLING... oh yay!)
• wine tasting in wine country
hot air balloon ride
x providence (update: Andy took me here for my birthday! We both ordered their tasting menu... it was amazing.)
x hatfields (update: I am now the yelp duke of hatfield's from the 2 measly check-ins... first, we ate there for a friend's bday; we also went to the bar and just ordered drinks & appetizers to make it more affordable- had my birthday bash at the hatfield's bar with about 20-30 friends... so fun!)
the french laundry
x concert at the greek theatre (update: saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros all the way from the furthest benches in back... perfect because we could dance to the folky music without worrying about blocking ppl's views!)
listen to the LA Phil at the Disney Concert Hall
watts towers
Sound of Music or Grease sing along at the Hollywood Bowl
residential architecture tours
x concert at the Natural History Museum 
x art gallery hop
monster jam (Big Fooot! Graaaave Diggerrrrrr! SUNDAY!SUNDAY!SUNDAY!)
double decker tour bus (I want to pretend to be a geeky tourist and just hop off at our house)
• Universal Studios (I want to go on that Simpsons' ride!)
Angels Flight Railway - "The Shortest Railway in the World"
x The Magic Castle (magic!!!)

There's so much cool stuff that we still want to do. I know I'm forgetting some; please let me know what else I should include cuz... shake, shake it Cali.

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