Friday, August 10, 2012

Prepping, bracing...

We've been on a small spending spree... not knowing what's available in Singapore is freaking us both out. I'm not usually a big shopper but when I do buy things, it's usually on sale. It's so easy to pick up a piece here and there in LA but from what I hear, Singapore is all about big malls: I've never liked big shopping malls... they make me uncomfortable. I'd much rather go to a boutique that's surrounded by other things like parks or coffee shops in the open. Andy been getting shoes in his giant shoe size (10.5 - 11) which Asian stores don't usually carry. I've been getting all natural fiber clothing... breathable stuff for the humidity.

We've also sent off the large items from our house in a huge shipping container to Singapore a couple weeks ago. All sorts of random stuff: some clothing, bedding/towels, hockey gear, coffee table, our turkish tea set, plates, more glassware, cast iron cookware, floor lamp, some chairs, the couch, the super nice mattress and bed frame. Our living room is now a mishmash of lawn furniture and random rugs. It's still surprisingly comfy and homey! Our bedroom is not as comfy... I miss my foam mattress and can't wait until I can sleep in it again.

current living room situation... bringing the outdoors in!

Andrew leaves in 2 weeks. We've sold his car; it was a sad moment since we've had his Subaru WRX since 2003. It's been a part of all of our great camping and road trips. The move still doesn't feel real to either one of us... seems like we're just prepping for a vacation rather than a big move across the planet. I'm trying to brace myself to spend the longest time we ever been apart but I've been grouchy from the nerves. I might fall off the bed without him sleeping on his side. Who's going to be there to talk to at random hours in the night and who's going to be my designated driver?!!

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