Thursday, September 27, 2012

The last summer

There's been a slight chill in the air this week and although the forecast says that this cool weather is only a respite before a weekend of record highs again, the current tilt on this planet says it's officially autumn. The summer of fun has ended and Andrew left to Singapore about a month ago. The days leading up to him leaving were a blur of logistics and emotions. We held a going-away party and we were happy to see that so many people had came to bid him their heartfelt farewells: old college friends, good colleagues and new friends. I held back my sadness until the morning that he left; I guess the reality of it hadn't set in quite yet. Since he left, I got back into the swing of things... been keeping busy with work, friends and family.

Andrew's farewell party decoration - yup, that's a cutout silhouette of his hair & goatee on our lampshade
my last live look at Andrew before our long time apart

On other LA related news: the space shuttle Endeavor made its last flight through California last Friday. My coworkers and I climbed up to our hot 100ยบ Burbank rooftop and stared at the sky for the better part of the morning. We didn't quite know what we were looking for and where to stare at... and I think some of us were on the verge of heat strokes... then we caught sight of this small speck from the horizon. Flying in toward us was the space shuttle Endeavor strapped to a Boeing 747 and accompanied by two F18s. I'm not just writing about this because it was amazingly cool and that all of LA paused to witness history; it seems appropriate as Andrew and I step into our next chapter of our lives. We were both children during the height of the NASA space shuttle program and the retirement of Endeavor perfectly coincides with our current transition. Although they won't be sending shuttles up into space anymore, space exploration continues.
Endeavor about to fly right over us: giving us a badass closeup of the under belly of the 747 & F18s but cruddy view of the shuttle

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