Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Santa,

I've always loved this time of year. Loooooove. It's glittery, over the top but oh so cozy. The weather is cold and we all get closer to our loved ones and reflect on the past year. I absolutely love baking, crafting and even shopping for gifts for everyone on my list. It truly makes me happy to scratch my head to think what each person would want. I wish my budget was limitless but it's usually tiny so there's A LOT of head scratching. In the end, I love seeing everyone's face when they open their presents. I wrap each present like they're gold; even the most inexpensive gifts. I love the anticipation of a formally wrapped gift... wondering what's under all that pretty paper & ribbon and then tearing it all apart like crazy to reveal the surprise inside. It makes me feel special every single time and I imagine that when I give a gift to someone, they feel the same way. People often ask me what I want for xmas but I really don't know what to say to them... liquor? dinner? Anything really because it's nice that they even thought of me. I guess I'm rather hard to shop for since I guess I just usually just save up for any luxuries I want... I swear that in a past life I was an old southern gentleman or a bohemian stripper: I love bourbon, fried chicken, handsome menswear, lucite heels, vintage looking satchels and maxi dresses with enough fabric to clothe 5 people. Here's what I'm currently lusting for and sale stalking (it pains me if I have to pay for things at full retail when we all know everything goes on sale eventually!)

1. Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 23 year old Bourbon  2. Band of Outsiders Neiman Marcus + Target Cookie Cutters 3. Margiela for H&M, Nude Plexi Wedge  4. Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel  5. Issa Silk Maxi Dress

Buuuuuut... this year might be a bit different. Last week, our rental house's plumbing burst and flooded underneath the home. 90 year old pipes + 5 days of continuous rain in dry Los Angeles = warped original hardwood floors and house sitting on top of moldy food, sewage and general disgusting muck... not what I wanted to hear in December.  Our home warranty insurance did not cover this damage but I've filed a claim with our homeowner's insurance (I didn't even realize there was a difference.) We had a remediation crew pump out all the gross gunk and properly dry out the crawl space. Then the plumbers replaced the rotting old galvanized cast iron pipes with shiny new pipes. New drainage around the house was installed and now this will never happen again... but if it does, it's under a 50 year warranty! Even with all this damage, there's a silver lining: our foundation is still solid! This is what I'm actually getting for xmas... about a hundred times more expensive and very ugly:

1. new water heater that doesn't leak or knock 2. dark gravel for proper drainage around the house  3. new pipes and joints   4. new water pressure regulator & tmp valve  5. new enclosed sump pump for drainage (all images googled and besides the rocks, I'm not even sure if they're the actual things that were installed)

Santa, all I want this year is peace of mind. I'm so relieved Andy is coming back soon and we'll be a cuddly mess of kitties and us again.

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