Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday Hungover

We've already sent our holiday decorations to Singapore so this year I had to improvise with some DIY action.

Andy has been back in LA for the last couple weeks and it's been a flurry of family and friends holiday madness & fun. Hope everyone had a festive holiday season too and rang in 2013 with a bang just like us!

*I know it's a bit late to be sharing holiday crafts but I'll show details and how-to's in a future post... all this stuff would be great for any party just switch out the glittery xmas garlands. Much more soon but in the meantime, I'm hanging out with my man!

**Update: I stink and never got around to properly post on my crafty xmas but here are some of the links that gave me inspiration or I just plain copied. Most of the supplies I had already had or got from the 99¢ Store.

Paper Bows... I loved these so much that I've printed a whole ton to use for every single holiday. All you need is any ol' printer and plain paper (although better printing & paper would probably make them sturdier); you don't even need to cut them out exactly... they always come out looking so perfect!

Folded Magazine Trees... Made a ton of these while I was on hold with insurance companies trying to straighten out the flooding situation. I had a stack of old magazines that I as about to recycle. btw, I LOVE Martha. I used to be slightly embarrassed that I tivo'd her show but now I'm unapologetic. That lady is simply amazing and reportedly only sleeps 3 hours every night... I guess you can't sleep much when you're trying to take over the world. Here's Martha's tutorial on the awesome magazine trees that were scattered around my house during Xmas. I think they would lend well to a camping themed party if you spray paint them hunter green and earth tones?

Paper Honeycomb Balls... Here's the one craft that I only took inspiration from the internet and really made my own version. I used free LA Express newsprint (for those who don't know, LA Express is basically a classified for tranny call girls and other kinky things.) I thought it would be hilarious to have lil bits of the semi-nudity and classified ads peering out of the very classic ball accordion shape. Wish I had a close up... ugh. But you can use any ol paper to create this balls... the secret is sticky dots that I picked up a crud load at the 99¢ store but you can get at Target or office supply store. Here's the link that inspired me; their shape was much more elaborate but you'll get the point... fold paper in half and then alternately place the sticky dots! Oh and I made them more modern by using neon construction string 

I also made garlands from Trader Joe's shopping bags... no tutorials or links needed; they're just strips of paper taped or stapled together like you did when we were in elementary school.

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