Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Neverending Farewell Party

It took Andy and I almost a year to properly plan out our move to Singapore. Well, not actually a whole year since most of it we were just manically checking off things we wanted to do & eat in LA. Honestly though, I was also dragging my feet since I'm such a homebody and really couldn't see myself in Asia. I, not so secretly, was hoping that he would get fired and come back to me in our lovely home in California.

The past year seemed like an endless parade of going-away parties, help-move-our-stuff shindigs and drink-all-our-liquor parties (thank you to our friends who drank it all then replenished our bar and then continued to finish it all again)... only interrupted by binge watching netflix and a ton of detailed logistics that I really didn't understand until the last month before my flight. It was so much fun to constantly enjoy everything and everyone... knowing that we were leaving helped us enjoy each moment much more but the constant feeling of limbo started wearing me down.

The kitties and I have finally reunited with Andy in Singapore! Such a relief to be getting settled once again.

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