Saturday, September 7, 2013

6 months in Singapore!

Momo sleeping under the giant dreamcatcher I made from a hoola-hoop and plastic packaging twine.
Time flies by fast when the sun rises at 7am and the sun sets at 7pm every. single. day. I'll officially be in Singapore for 6 months next week and Andy has been here for over a year now!

Finally feeling less homesick and much more settled. I've been deliberately trying NOT to over-analyze everything; hence being the worst blogger. It sort of drove me nuts at first trying to decode and fully understand all that was new and different; finally realized to just let things happen and enjoy... probably won't ever understand this new land and culture in the way I know California/America/my little world before this move. It's nice to learn and try new things without getting so overwhelmed now. Does anyone else feel this when they're in a new culture? It's been great having a partner in all this... when I incessantly ask Andy mundane questions, he tries to answer as much as he can. It's also nice to have an "off day"once in a while where I just go and eat the closest thing to a taco and drink a $13 Pacifico.

I've got lots to share about all the new stuff I've done, seen, ate... but at another time; right now I'm going back to cuddling with Momo, Ralph and Andy.

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